May 18, 2014
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Chantel shares her natural hair journey with UrBoi Photography for their natural hair series.  

Since starting this series I’ve reached out to both family and friends to feature them in this series. The following video and photos here are from my dear friend Chantel, I especially wanted to document her as prior to going natural she was big on weaves, wigs and chemicals to straighten her hair.

She’s been natural since July of 2013,  Chantel went natural due to the overwhelming confusion of purchasing different brands of hair along with the outrageous prices. For the most her family and friends have been positive with her natural hair change. She does mention that her only regret is that she didn’t go natural sooner as she would have saved more money.

She does offer some advice to the ladies who may be on the fence of whether or not to go natural and that advice is to do what works and is comfortable to you. Never pay attention to what others may say as at the end of the day it’s you who has to live with it and you are in control of your happiness.




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