May 20, 2014
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JuJu and I have been friends for quite a few ticks, so it’s only right that I reached out to her about her natural hair journey. I especially wanted to hear her story as I often wondered how a naturalista of mixed heritage would define her story. Knowing how many look at those with mixed heritage as already having the hair many African American women desire (or what’s strongly represented in the media and popular culture).  JuJu shared her ups and downs of her journey and even offered her insight as a mixed heritage naturalista.

I know we’re all of mixed heritage but let’s be honest there is talk of how our mixed sisters are automatically blessed with we’ve been told is good hair. Which is why I plan to feature ALL women of color to share their story. Lindsey Epps Tucker






I’m a man that’s the perfect combination of intelligence, wit , talent, depression, humility, passion, determination, handsomeness, conceit, strength, rationale, and generosity. Yeah, that sounds about right. Other than my love for photography, I have an uncanny knack for being a smart ass, but I don’t mean any harm. I just have minimum control over what I’m thinking and how rapidly it makes it out of my mouth! Otherwise I’m one hell of a friend and I love to entertain.

  • Stephanie Artist

    She’s gawjus… love these

    • Thanks Steph this series I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for quite sometime and now everything is finally coming together.