Natural Hair shoot at Brix
May 14, 2014
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Natural Hair shoot at Brix

Due to mother nature’s indecisive tendencies the natural hair photoshoot I planned on doing outside was moved to a awesome venue in Wilmington called Brix located at 1139 W. 7th Street Unit C Wilmington, DE 19805. This Prohibition Guestaurant & Leaf Lounge provided the backdrop for the four sessions for my natural hair series. And honestly I couldn’t have imagined a better place for this session. Ivan and I arrived early to scout out the place and pick our work areas, once we found our shooting spots the first of our subjects arrived.
Natural Hair - Brix-5019Shauna I’ve known for years and it’s been about that long since I had her in front of my camera. After making the formal introductions to the crew we got Shauna onto the set I started taking pictures while talking and making jokes to get that beautiful smile of hers to show. As I hate when I hear other photographers to tell a subject to smile. Those smiles are usually forced and far from natural!

Natural Hair - Brix-5048Next on set was my beautiful locked sister Jacinta who brought her beautiful family along who all are natural, that alone I think is freaking awesome especially seeing how the world seems to tell our sisters that you have to have straight an long hair as if it’s not possible to do without all those abusive chemicals. Which is one of the reasons I started this series to show various women with natural hair styles and to share their stories in hopes that it will inspire that little girl who’s confused on to what hair journey she’s about to embark on.


Natural Hair - Brix-5039Speaking of little girls here’s one of Jacinta’s beautiful daughter Kho Kho with her lovely natural hair! Seeing all of Jacinta’s beautiful children with their natural hair inspired me even more and I will make this series the absolute best and I look forward to incorporating more natural hair families such as hers as natural is what we were meant to be. No perms, processes or putting other people’s DNA on our scalps.


Natural Hair - Brix-5085My childhood friend Twanna came through and although she missed the majority of the comedy she still was in time for our shoot and I managed to get a smile out of her as well which isn’t easy to do but hey this is what I do and I do it well. But seriously to hear each and everyone’s back story on their natural journey was inspiring to say the least. And I’m sure everyone following this series will be inspired too. Especially once Ivan drops the accompanying video with this series.


Natural Hair - Brix-5064Well as and NEVER least is my dear friend Aisha she’s been my muse since I made the leap from film to digital back in 08. I can honestly say I have more pictures of her and her kids than ANYONE. Hey I’m not complaining her and her family are absolutely beautiful. Now other than her griping about her lipstick (I guess she had to be sure it was poppin LOL). I only wish I could share some of the behind the scenes video I recorded with my iPhone as the conversations we had once the shoot wrapped up was nothing short of interesting. I mean we had cherries, talked about energy and even have a signal of sorts to gather all the usual suspects up.

All in all this session was awesome and I look forward to sharing the final images and video with you all! And I like to thank my brother my partner on this project Ivan Christopher from BluFilms. Definitely get at him if you’re looking to increase your brand’s visibility thru video! And I must say a special thanks to Celeste from Celeste Jones Photography for her help during the session and my homie Gee Johnson from Strictly GP shots for all the cool behind the scenes shots he’s taken. Both of them are awesome photographers so be sure to check out their work and let them know Tuck from UrBoi Photography raved about them both!

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