Three Natural Queens
May 30, 2014
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Three Natural Queens

Three Natural Queens

During our shoot Ivan decided to have a sit down discussion with three natural queens and ask them about their natural hair journey for this series. Ivan asked them in the difference of caliber of men since they went natural prior to when they went natural. It was interesting to hear them speak on how men approached them in a more positive manor than the overly aggressive when they wore weaves.

They also spoke about the big chop and the positive affect it had on not just themselves but how it really enhanced their features that were previously hidden with weaves. Yvette also explained what the big chop is as up to a certain point I wasn’t so sure myself.

The big chop is chopping off all the perm or chemicals out of your hair. Yvette

Nikki stated that her family and friends were shocked at first but warmed up to it shortly afterwards. Brittany also went further on the big chop stating she had her own little photo shoot after her mother assisted her with the rest of her big chop.

I just wanted to do it full force as I’ve been wanting to do it for a moment and I didn’t want to back out of it. I did my first chop myself and asked my mom to help . I just didn’t want to change my mind. Brittany

Again thanks to Ivan Christopher, Saquan Stimpson and Celeste Jones for their assistance during this shoot. Each a true professional in their own right.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do creating it and stay tuned as we’re constantly photographing, filming naturalistas from all over for this on going series.

Be sure to check out the video and please feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear your feedback!




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