Tywanda and Drew
June 26, 2014
Tucker (60 articles)

Tywanda and Drew

When I found out that both Tywanda and Drew were going to be available for our natural hair series I will admit I was feeling anxious as Tywanda is 1/2 of Naturally DeFined who when it comes to natural hair care and information here in Delaware and the surrounding areas they are sure fire leaders in this area. And with her fiance’ Drew coming it marked the 1st male interview we’ve had here for our natural hair series.

Naturally ReDefined, LLP is a natural hair and holistic health company owned by Tywanda Howie & Akira Grenardo located in Delaware with a mission to redefine how women of color embrace their hair and beauty by providing events and educational workshops to the general public.

This also marked the 1st time that I’ve shot a couple who are both natural hair advocates. Following an earlier formula my videographer laid out I photographed Tywanda and Drew while he recorded me doing so. And when it was time to get them on video for the interview I snapped a few shots during their taping. I’m really happy with how things turned out. It also makes our combined workflow smoother, and it helps that my friends and fellow photographers Celeste and Saquan where on hand to help with grip work and some BTS footage.

Tywanda took us on a informational journey into her transformation into a natural hair lifestyle. And offered tips and words of wisdom for any woman of color who is thinking about making that natural hair transition. And she also shared with us how she and Drew met at the Naturally ReDefined Expo when he was a natural model and she was a panelist.

Drew shared with us why he started his locs to connect to his father who was deported when Drew was younger. He also shares what wearing his locs means to him and the spiritual connection they have with him for his father.




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