Natural Hair Veterans
June 8, 2015
Tucker (60 articles)

Natural Hair Veterans

I was checking out my girl Paury’s blog the other day and came across one of the most eye opening posts I’ve seen thus far about natural hair. She shares 7 things that natural hair veterans are over. She goes in to detail with each one and although very serious it also comes off with a lighter tone, definitely a good read.

1. Big Chop Anniversaries
2. Excessive Products and Accessories
3. Naturalista Nazis
4. Natural Hair Expos
5. Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers
6. Old Styles Presented As New Trend$$$
7. Relatives that want to know why you are STILL wearing your hair like that

Visit Paury’s blog for details on each of the seven. Again I can’t stress how this is such a good read.


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