Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair
May 26, 2017

Las Vegas Traffic Reporter Shares Racist Letter About Her Natural Hair

On-air news reporters and anchors are pillars of poise. There can be disasters in the world, and mishaps in the newsroom, and they can still get in front of that camera and beam. That’s all the more impressive to us after reading a hurtful, racist letter Las Vegas traffic anchor Demetria Obilor shared on Twitter on Thursday.

The 26-year-old, who gives the morning traffic reports on KLAS 8 News Now, often wears her hair in gorgeous natural curls. As we’ve seen time and again, when a black woman decides to embrace her features, the trolls come out.

“Here’s one of the racist, hateful emails I’ve received for rocking my natural hair on TV,” she wrote, sharing a screen shot of the letter in which a person presumes her hair is unclean and smells bad.

“The first few times I got emails like that, I was enraged, but I knew if I responded (the way I wanted to) I’d probably lose my job,” Obilor told Yahoo Beauty via email. “And honestly, it’s not worth going back and forth via email with someone that ignorant. Instead, I tell high school tour groups who stop by the station about these sorts of experiences, so they can prepare themselves for what it’s going to take to work in this industry, keeping your composure and picking your battles. There’s nothing to be won cursing out some racist fool online — much to lose, though.”

Fans (and for someone who reports on traffic, Obilor has quite the following) tweeted back to Obilor with compliments right away.

“I’m so very grateful for the kindnesses people have shown me, but I think it’s important to expose the hate to show it’s not okay,” she wrote. When someone suggested she block such people, she explained that she felt a responsibility to share how she deals with them. “You can argue with stupid, but kids need to realize that bullying goes on forever, and it’s all about how u handle it.”

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