Nijeria Thompson
May 21, 2017
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Nijeria Thompson

This interview and photo session was a long time overdue. I met Nijeria Thompson during the grand opening of the ACT Generation here in Wilmington, DE. The moment I shared with her what I do here at she was definitely interested. The only problem was me making time, yeah I overload and overwork myself and things get lost in the shuffle. But nonetheless we stayed in touch and finally the dates were aligned and we made this shoot happen. 

We had originally planned on doing the shoot outside but mother nature had different plans. So we brought things inside and to be quite honest this worked out awesome and we were able to get some great images and conduct her interview without any interference (as you know once the cameras are out the looky-loos come out). Nijeria discussed her big chop as well as how her mother helped but then became not to supportive after the fact. We also discussed how people treated her and whether or not men found her natural look attractive.

And you know I had to ask the most popular question of anyone who is natural… how often do people ask or attempt to touch your hair. And whether or not does it bother you or do you allow them to. Let me tell you Nijeria was very-very vocal on this topic.

Check out the images below as well as the entire video interview.



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