Interview With “The Pretty Girl Pillow” Creator, Ashley Turner
June 21, 2017

Interview With “The Pretty Girl Pillow” Creator, Ashley Turner

Ladies you know the feeling you get when you go and get your hair done at the hair salon? You walk out of there feeling like you are on cloud nine. Listen, no one can tell you anything honey, because you are looking good and feeling good. Later that evening, you get home and go to bed. You fall asleep on your arms, hang your head off the bed, and some of us just try to sleep on our face. The next morning you wake up and your hair looks nothing like it did the day before. Well, ladies guess what… there is something for that and it’s called the Pretty Girl Pillow. I know you are wondering what that is and I was wondering the same thing until I saw it. I said to myself, man why couldn’t I have had this before I went natural, but do believe… that I will be getting mine as soon as possible. I got a chance to sit down and speak with the owner and designer of the Pretty Girl Pillow and here is what she had to say.

Meet Ashley Turner, creator of the Pretty Girl Pillow. She has been married for 11 years and has four children (three sons and one daughter). The two most important things to her is Faith and Family. She loves fashion, décor, beauty, shopping and all things FABULOUS!

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Interview/Article by Heather Raquel