About our natural hair portrait

About our natural hair portrait

Natural hair portrait sessions started as planned photo coffee book based on a conversation with my daughter and hair. You know here in the states we push this weave, wig wearing ideology to the forefront to where many think if your hair isn’t straight then it’s not good. So being a photographer I figured what better way to dispel that notion than to show them in photo. I never imaged doing this natural hair portrait series for more than a month or so. But it took on a life of its own. At first I was just going to photograph friends and family and have them share their story on being or going natural. Then the word started getting out about my natural hair portrait series and I started getting requests from all over. Before I knew it this was going to be a full fledged site featuring not just my images but video and various topics on natural hair. To say I was overwhelmed at first is an understatement. But with the help of my friends and family I have met up with a group of people who interest in this project mimics my own.

So now we’re shooting videos to showcase the everyday naturalista sharing her natural hair story. So what started out as a natural hair portrait series has become so much larger. And now we’re offering t-shirts and shortly other goods. And I even think we’re changing a few minds about being natural which was my original intention just not on a scale as this has grown to become. It’s so much more than a phase or fad as some of the naysayers are saying.

When you think about it… It’s natural to be natural!

Lindsey Epps Tucker (Tuck)
UrBoi Photography

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